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November 10-13,  2023

Who Are We?

Our History

No Greater Love’s story is inspired by that of a sunflower’s life. The founder, Delasber Sanders, always loved sunflowers and was delighted to find out that sunflowers share energy. You see, when one sunflower starts to droop, the other sunflowers turn toward it and it rebuilds itself so that it can once again look at the sun. As a parent of a special needs kid, she saw other parents struggling to vocalize their agonies and the challenges they faced. Delasber wanted to be a sunflower for those parents who felt like they were drowning amidst the trials of life with their special needs babies. Thus, No Greater Love, Inc was born.

Our Mission

To inspire and create soul connections between special needs kids, their parents, and a community that supports them. Like the sunflower that supports each other at their weakest, No Greater Love, Inc will be a voice and a sunflower for parents and their special needs babies. Sunflowers share light and love with each other to help each other survive. Sunflowers support each other in their weakest moments. Delasber has used her voice to advocate for her daughter and intends for No Greater Love to be a sunflower for those parents and their children to the world.

Creating Soul Connections

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