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Amoree’s Journey:

Making Soul Connections

Bridging Gaps. Creating Connections. Supporting the Voiceless.

Amoree’s Journey

To inspire and create soul connections between special needs kids, their parents, and a community that supports them. Like the sunflower that supports each other at their weakest, No Greater Love, Inc will be a voice and a sunflower for parents and their special needs babies. Sunflowers share light and love with each other to help each other survive. Sunflowers support each other in their weakest moments. Delasber has used her voice to advocate for her daughter and intends for No Greater Love to be a sunflower for those parents and their children to the world.

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No Greater Love:

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About the Founder

Hello, everyone!

I am Delasber Griffin Sanders, your Personal Trauma Specialist.

I have designed this  space as a medium which gives a voice to the voiceless in support of our special needs loved ones.

I help parents who need support and another avenue to connect with their special needs kids. And I work with business owners, churches, and other organizations who want to understand, connect with, and support the special needs community.

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We are honored to be associated with some amazing organizations and businesses.  Please allow us to present the backbone of our organization to you. Check out the websites and see if these organizations or businesses can help support you in any way.

Creating Soul Connections

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